Education projects take many forms, from a small pre-school or adult education facility to the complex campus environment of today’s large and modern universities. The door applications specified on these varying projects are equally as diverse. Mohawk offers a broad range of products, for educational buildings of all types.

The emergence and proliferation of high-performance schools - where materials need to last longer - makes durability one of the most important attributes of doors on educational facilities. The dynamics of dormitories, gymnasiums, food preparation areas and student traffic in elementary and high school applications provide challenging environments for interior doors. Features such as high impact surface and edge material can protect the doors aesthetics and functionality for many years. Security has also become a critical cosideration for education facilities as schools are investing in safety initiatives to create more secure campuses. Mohawk's doors can be machined to accept virtually any door hardware system, including sophisticated access control systems. Additionally, doors can be specified with a ballistic resistant core, while maintaining a warm and aesthetic surface appearance.

Achieving a high acoustic rating while still maintaining visibility into classrooms is also a unique requirement for many educational facilities. Our acoustic-rated products can fill most any requirement. Mohawk offers a complete line of products and will work with you to specify the right door solutions for your education projects’ unique performance, aesthetics, security and sustainability requirements.

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