MDF Doors- Construction

Mohawk interior MDF doors are available in our popular solid panel or traditional stile and rail construction.

CB Face Turned strip



Solid Panel Construction

Doors are built from a cut-to-size solid composite panel with routed profiles creating the illusion of stile and rail construction with no visible stile and rail joints. A piece of face-grain MDF is inserted into both edges, providing a solid, non-splitting hinge base for superior performance.



Cb stileRail exploded view




Stile & Rail Construction

Stile & Rail (CBPN) doors are made from the same composite materials as solid panel doors but are fabricated piece by piece with mortise and tenon- joinery as a true stile and rail door.




Edge Design

MDF edgeOur proprietary edge design provides the highest durability and performance in the industry and allows for a superior edge finish. We use only double refined MDF in our doors and we prime all surfaces and edges to ensure a long-lasting finish.