Paintable Surfaces - Recessed Mouldings

Recessed Painted Door GreenMohawk’s recessed mouldings offer you the stunning look of a stile and rail door in a solid one-piece core construction.

Features include:

  •  2-Ply Paint Grade Commercial Door Skin Assembly or Tempered Hardboard
  • Mill option softwood stiles standard; hardwood stiles by request
  • Available in virtually any design configuration including arched and curved molding designs. (Special consideration should be made in design selections to accommodate required hardware.)
  • Superior stability; less prone to warping.
  • Panel cracking commonly seen in true stile and rail doors is eliminated.
  • Available with factory finishes: primed, standard or custom color
  • Available in various fire ratings not to exceed 45 minutes.
  • 5-Ply Architectural Series or Commercial Tempered Hardboard construction.
  • No nails.

recessed panel profile drawing