Paintable Surfaces - Logistics

Mohawk Doors are sold through our extensive distributor network. Find your local distributor here.

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  • Poly-wrap for each door is standard with factory finish.
  • Poly-wrap is available for non-finished and primed doors by request.
  • Pallets are stretch-wrapped with corner protectors.
  • Door cleats available by special request.


  • Store flat on level surface in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area protected from sunlight.
  • Some species are sensitive to light and must be covered.
  • Doors should not be subjected to extremes of heat and/or humidity conditions. Relative humidity should not be less than 25% or more than 55%.
  • Store doors in closed-in buildings with operational HVAC systems.
  • Cover doors to keep clean, but allow air circulation.
  • Seal at earliest possible moment. Edge sealing is particularly important.
  • Lift or carry doors. Do not drag one door against another.
  • Handle doors with clean hands or clean gloves. Do not walk on or place other materials on top of stacked doors.